Claims Management Services

While we take pride in the fact that we can provide you with excellent insurance broking service, we do not consider ourselves as complete without being able to deliver to you an excellent claim management services.

The whole premise of insurance is based on cover to protect seen and unforeseen risks.  By its very nature, risk occurrence is unpredictable and can happen at any time anywhere.  Once an event happens, causing loss of insured assets, the work of our claims management services begin.  As in any business, claim reimbursement has its own set of challenges with the underwriter trying to reduce the claim pay out and the business owner trying to maximize his claim recovery.

Our approach to claims management is very professional and based on established market norms.  We have listed below the normal procedures we follow when a major claim occurs.

To enable us to act promptly on claims, we also look forward to a pro-active approach from the business owners.  First and foremost, we request all our clients to report to us immediately when a claim occurs.  This enables us to activate our claim management process, which includes our personnel visiting the site where the claim occurred.

While reporting the claim to us, the name, address, telephone number, email is, location of the accident, policy details and a brief description of the incident are the minimum requirements for our claims management personnel to assist you in the claim recovery process.  Our assistance will include helping in preparation and lodging of the claim, liaison with loss adjusters, negotiation with underwriters and all other matters required of us to enable a satisfactory settlement of your claim.


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