Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee Benefits insurance covers various risks associated to the welfare and well-being of all the employees of the organization.  Most of the Gulf countries have now specified the mandatory covers that need to be obtained to take care of the employees’ health and life.  The various covers available also considers the various categories of employees, the relevant risks involved in their day to day work, the protection level desired to be given by the insurer etc.

Good organizations are many a times, judged by the authorities, competitors, trade pundits and the employees, based on the level of care and protection offered to its employees.  The various employee benefit covers are mentioned in more detailed under the respective heads below.

Group Medical Insurance

Employees are the backbone of any Organization.   Whilst the well-being of your employees is vital for the health of your Organization, it is also paramount important that Organization could not spend heavily on group medical insurance premium.    Hence devising right medical plan for their employees is an important and challenging task for any corporate so that employees are benefited with best medical cover and the corporate is benefited with cost effective price.


Group Life & Personal Accident

Working in partnership with organisations to understand their employee benefit strategies, the IDBQ Solutions team provides expert advice, building customised risk solutions for Group Life and Personal Accident cover requirements of business owners.


Group Business Travel

Going abroad? Busy with packing and making arrangements? But in this busy schedule have you ever thought about the contingencies/risks you may face while you are abroad. Contingencies can be a medical emergency or an accident or personal liability? Interestingly, if you look at the insurance packages, what is being offered today is not just health but a comprehensive package that ensures compensation and peace of mind when travelling abroad. Any pretty good travel insurance policy should provide coverage like medical expenses, expenses regarding travel delay, emergency return from journey, 24 hour emergency service assistance, rented car damage, accidental death during the trip, legal assistance or compensation to any baggage delay etc.


Key Man Insurance

Every organization has certain key individuals who form the backbone of the organization and whose presence is vital for the profitable running of the organization.  In any company only a few individuals make the important decisions. The implementation of these decisions down the line makes or breaks the business. Thanks to their specialized knowledge, skills, vision and business acumen, these are the people who bring higher revenues, profits and loyalty. Skills of a person may not be replaceable, but the business can certainly compensate the financial loss by providing insurance to its key person – THE KEY MAN. The brand power of individuals can sometimes be bigger than that of their organizations. These are individuals who are the most indispensable human asset of an organization.