Financial Line Insurance



Fire Loss of Profit

Insuring your property, buildings, fixtures and fittings, stock and equipment are obviously important but so too is the need for adequate cover for loss of profits following loss or damage at your premises. Business interruptions do happen! Apart from the direct losses that arise from a fire, there are also losses that result from the interruption of a business. If damage to your business’ premises force you to close while repairs are made, you will still need to pay employees, mortgages, leases and other debts. These ongoing expenses can mount up quickly for a business that has reduced income–or no income at all. This policy could act as a vital lifeline for businesses.


Machinery Loss of Profit

Protecting a company’s income flow has been a major cause of concern in the recent past and this has become constant source of worry for risk managers. While almost everyone is aware that insurance to a great extent helps putting back a company on its feet after the loss, it is the intangible or the consequential loss which is difficult to perceive and in several cases forces the company to shut down without even making an attempt to recover.


Delay in Start Up (DSU) / ALOP

While undertaking any project, the cash flows form a vital part of the strategy. The projections are made for the revenue flow from the date of project completion / commissioning. Invariably there may arise situations where in the entire project gets delayed due to a mishap in the project site or due to accident to the vessel carrying machinery vital to the commissioning of the plant. Both principals and contractors are being confronted with increasing financial risk exposure.


Credit Insurance

The credit insurance helps business owners insulate themselves from the risk of non-paying customers.

Sweeping changes in the international political landscape and widespread market deregulation have made trading the driving force in our worldwide economy. But expanding sales and building new customer relationships can leave balance sheets vulnerable.