Group Medical Insurance

Employees are the backbone of any Organization.   Whilst the well-being of your employees is vital for the health of your Organization, it is also paramount important that Organization could not spend heavily on group medical insurance premium.    Hence devising right medical plan for their employees is an important and challenging task for any corporate so that employees are benefited with best medical cover and the corporate is benefited with cost effective price.

Organization should devise their medical insurance program based on the parameters given below:

*Budgets allocated for health insurance program

*Management’s philosophy in providing medical benefits to employees (i.e.) tiered benefits based on positions or uniform benefits to all employees

*Management’s philosophy in covering employee’s dependants

*Annual Benefit limit to be covered

*Geographical area to be covered

*Benefits to be offered to employees in case of non-compulsory group medical territory

*Medical Network Providers

*Whether the medical insurance program is contributory or non-contributory

IDQ has a strong history of providing group medical solutions in the State of Qatar, and an in-depth knowledge of the difficulties that face those living and working abroad.  We design, place and manage all forms of health, life, disability and critical illness programs and our services embrace:

*Claims administration, analysis, reporting and reimbursement/fulfilment

*Advising on and arranging multi-national pooling of risk

*Occupational Health and Wellbeing consulting including Employee Assistance Programs

*Management and reporting of self-funded programs

*Case management of workplace injuries

With the reach and coverage that we offer, accessing our group health and risk expertise in every worldwide location, is easy.