Home Comfort Insurance

The dry and hot environment of the region at times leads to unforeseen loss to insured’s home and personal effects.  This leads to tremendous discomfort for the Home Owners.  Home Comfort Insurance policies provide some solace to the insured in such circumstances.

Home insurance policy covers the following:

Building: The home or place where the insured resides and its precincts.

Contents: Furniture, fixtures, fittings and all other household contents within the residential premises.

Personal Effects:  All items used by the insured and the other residents of the home on a day to day basis.

Money:  All monetary currency, bill of exchange, checks etc held within the premises.

Loss of Documents:  Cost to replace all lost documents like passport, work permits, tenancy contracts, other residential papers related to the insured and the residents of the building.

Owner’s liability to the public:  Should there be accidental death / bodily injury or loss/damage to property of third parties as a result of the incident, these will be covered, subject to limits laid down in the respective policy taken by the insured.

Legal Liability:  Any costs arising from death of any personnel or destruction of property, which the insured becomes legally liable to pay, subject to the limits laid down in the respective policy taken by the insured.