Life Insurance

Life Insurance enables to take care of the insured’s near and dear ones, should a calamity befall on the insured.

There are various types of life insurance schemes, some payable in lump sum, some payable over a period, some payable on achieving certain age (like minor attaining the age of 18) and some payable under certain circumstances (like schemes to fund school fees expenses).  The purpose of the insured opting for a scheme will depend on the circumstances each insured perceives as important in their lives.

Some of the major reasons for deciding on a particular type of life insurance are:

*Insured’s perception on the importance of events for his near and dear ones

*Ensuring immediate needs of the family are taken care off

*Existence of debts or commitments for the insured

*Time bound nature of expected events in the family

While life insurance has been prevalent for a long time, new variations of life insurance also exists now.  These include critical illness cover, accidental benefit cover, long term care benefit cover, family income cover etc.

Our experts will be able to guide each insurer to the best possible cover that could be had, keeping in mind the insured’s priorities.