Marine Annual Turnover Policy

Marine policies are generally either “specific-voyage” policies or “declaration” policies for either imports, exports, indigenous transits of raw material or finished goods, customs duty, transits from anywhere to anywhere in the world and to and from job works. While for a specific policy, the cover is issued from commencement to landing at the final destination, the other policies are generally continuous policies issued on an annual basis or for a specified period of time for an agreed value of transits based on the insured’s estimate of goods movement for the specified period. It is mandatory for all transits in the agreed period to be declared.

There have been operational lapses resulting in claims getting repudiated for declarations not made or insufficient balance of Sum insured at the time of claim and many clients have been caught unaware. Discovering that a particular damaged or lost consignment was unfortunately not covered, and hence the claim not payable, can be very frustrating for an otherwise diligent Insured.

In this context, a marine turnover policy has come in as a blessing for companies. It covers a company’s sales turnover unlike the other marine open policies which cover the value of goods which are offered for insurance. The company’s annual estimated turnover can be covered as a single amount and all a company needs to do is to provide sales turnover figures periodically to the insurance company (usually quarterly). All the requirements of a company’s Marine policies can be met by a single comprehensive policy.