Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance is an insurance coverage any company buys to protect their motor vehicles against physical loss or damage and/or third party liability risks arising from the usage of motor vehicles.

The minimum and compulsory insurance cover is Third Party Liability Insurance cover which provides Unlimited Limit of coverage for death, bodily injury to third parties and/or loss, damage to third party properties.

Comprehensive cover is a widest form of Insurance cover which covers both loss, damage to motor vehicle itself and third party liability cover.

The Motor Vehicle Policy basically covers repair and/or replacement of parts for accidents that may occur involving your vehicles and also the reimbursement of medical expenses that you may incur for the passengers, paid drivers as well as the other injured third parties. In addition, your motor insurance cover can be made more effective by opting for add on/optional covers to your comprehensive policy. Optional covers such as Agency Repairs, Off-Road and Site Cover, Personal Accident Benefit Cover, Natural Perils Cover,  Replacement Car etc. are available at reasonable additional premium cost.

Due to recent guidelines issued by Qatar Central Bank, the concept of Motor Fleet cover has been abolished in Qatar with effect from May 2017, however we could still negotiate the most competitive premium rates with the chosen Insurer but independent insurance policy needs to be issued for each and every vehicle of the Corporate in the State of Qatar.

Our executives will be able to assess your fleet size and accordingly negotiate the most competitive terms with the underwriter with ease of administration and also assist in the management of all the motor claims.