Other Specific Services

Our other specific services include:

*Risk Management Services

*Asset Valuation Services

*Access to Financial and Investment Products

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Risk Management Services

Risk management means managing risks that affect your business through a process of identifying the risk, analysing the potential damages from the risk and initiating effective control over the risks in a cost effective manner.

Risk Inspection

As part of risk management process, we study your business process, including manufacturing activity, conduct a risk inspection and then carry out an analysis of risks your assets are exposed to like fire, natural calamities, theft and burglary and liabilities. Based on these we bring to your notice potential loss and probability of occurrence and suggest suitable insurance policies.

Risk Control / Safety Audit

During the risk inspection, we study the process hazards and suggest safety measures to minimize the risks.  Some of the risks identified may need to be mitigated before the underwriters agree to accept the risk (e.g. establishment of temperature controlled zones where the products being insured are suspect to temperature variations).

Asset Valuation Services

We suggest and assist in valuation of assets in-order to assure adequacy of sum insured in the event of the claim.  Asset valuation is a specialized field and if the nature of the products being insured requires specific technical expertise, we have a set of professional valuation experts to whom we will outsource the asset valuation, under our supervision.


Apart from the various categories of risks mentioned in these sections, it is very much possible that a business enterprise has a significantly different set of risk associated with its operations / products.  Our executives can identify the instances where additional specific risk categories are to be adopted and will be able to guide you accordingly.

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