Property All Risks Insurance

Property policy provides protection to any property against various common threats such as fire, flood, storm, earthquake, burglary, accidental damage and other unexpected misfortune events.  All kinds of Assets mainly comprise of buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures, raw materials, stock in process, finished goods, office equipment, etc. can be covered under the property all risk insurance policy.

We take pride in informing that we have relevant experience and expertise to design and implement cost effective and robust Property Insurance Program meeting the expectations of all stakeholders within the timeframe agreed between all the parties.  In fact, our innovative approach of conducting the Risk Survey of properties have been much appreciated by our clients and Insurers in Qatar.

Property policies cover the cost to replace or repair the property. In case, the property cannot be replaced or repaired, the policy can provide monetary compensation as well.

An aspect to be reviewed and considered by the Property owners is the adequacy of sum insured proposed for insurance.