The Gulf Region, like in every other region, has its own share of small and medium establishment.  The SMEs in Qatar form a sizeable portion of the trading and servicing community, which calls for a focused approach on the insurance needs of this sector.

The SMEs, given the smaller size of the business organization, face challenges when trying to get the appropriate cover at the appropriate price.  It is practically difficult to buy insurance cover for each and every risk, which from the SME business owner’s perspective, might be costlier, time consuming to procure and very difficult to maintain with different renewal dates.

With this in mind, Insurers in Qatar have come out with Package Insurance product specifically designed for Small and Medium business owners.

The beauty of this SME Package policy is that various risk exposures are covered under a single Package policy at a competitive annual premium, easy to procure and to understand the coverage, which gives ultimate peace of mind, satisfaction and security to Small and Medium business owners.

SME Package Insurance cover is available for various kinds of business activities like Office Package, Retail Shop Owners, Hotel / Restaurant Owners, Clinics, etc.

The following risks are generally covered under the SME Package Insurance policy:

As highlighted above, SME cover is a comprehensive package of different insurance policies that provide flexibility and cover for various contingencies. Opting for this will save you the hassle of arranging different policies for property risks, burglary, etc. It will also give you better control in managing your insurance portfolio at a more competitive price.

Our team comprises dedicated SME personnel, who will be able to assist the SME business obtain adequate cover to mitigate the various risks faced by the SME business.