Speciality Line Insurance

Airport Operators Liability

An insurance policy providing coverage to the owners and operators of an airport in the event that a person or property is damaged while on the airport’s premises. That is, if a person slips and falls in an airport bathroom, or if a plane crashes into another on the runway, airport liability coverage would protect the airport from any consequent lawsuits.


Events & Exhibition

Event Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance

Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance covers all aspects of financial loss, increased expenditure, or even loss of surplus to owners, organisers and stakeholders, if any of the insured perils cause the event or any part thereof to be cancelled, postponed, abandoned, relocated, interrupted or curtailed.  The team at IDBQ have unrivalled knowledge and are recognised as professionals in this class.


Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

World over, terrorist activities have been increasing substantially over the last few years. Kidnapping for ransom money is also on the upswing. Whilst certain countries are more notorious for their criminal and terrorist activity, today no part of the world is immune from this threat. Kidnap, Extortion and Detention are real dangers for companies today. They are, however, often overlooked by managements on the grounds that “it won’t ever happen to us”, but the damage this can inflict on a business can be very severe – as the annual roll call of corporate and individual victims around the world testifies.


Environmental Impairment Liability

Environmental impairment insurance provides protection against claims and legal action that result when a business’s operations cause injury or property damage to a third party through the release of pollutants.



There are several other specialized insurance covers, which address specific needs of an industry.  Examples are the Jeweller’s Block Insurance policy, Bankers’ Blanket policy, Industrial All Risks Package Policy, Fine Arts and Specie Insurance policy etc.